I'm tired of failure to the point where I cant function normally.

This year has been nothing but an absolute disaster. Rejections raining from the sky all around, and the more I try the more I get disappointed. I've applied to over 120 positions, did 16 instant hirevues, dozens of rejections, and never heard from most. Every time I get a rejection I use it as a motivation to keep pushing, but this is it. I'm graduating with nothing.

I'm so tired of failure. I attend a "target" school and have okay-ish experience. Not to say I'm entitled to anything, but I haven't even had a single real interview. Not even my former company is replying to me. I'm so fucking tired man. I have nothing left. I tried to improve every step of the way but it seems that nothing is working, nothing at all.

I have exams next week and I'm so mentally blocked I cant bring myself to study. It feels like everything I've done was for nothing. It feels like it's all over.

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silverfoxbullet , what's your opinion? Comment below:

Focus on the exam, take a break after, and then try again.

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I wish I could do that but I really do think there's nothing left to try.

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life is a grind dude. either stay in education to buy some time or find the least worst job/internship available and use it as a stepping stone. there will always be a need for hungry and hardworking juniors who want to learn

I started in audit (yes the white collar equivalent of AIDS) and after many job changes now work in UMM PE

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rumanddone , what's your opinion? Comment below:

Doing a panic masters just because you don't have a job lined up is a BAD idea. I would just keep applying and eventually you'll find a Corp finance/accounting job that pays decently. If you can live at home and save half your pay check even better. Do that for a few years, get a promotion or two, and go to a t20 MBA . Recruiting on an MBA level at top schools is so much easier than undergrad. For example, somewhere between 30-50% of the class gets MBB (300k starting comp) at all the t20 schools.

Also remember that your career is probably going to be 20-40 years long and your first job is not your last job. It's easy to feel badly comparing yourself to people on this forum who are already in the 1% of earners for their age brackets. Your already doing better than most people your age.

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I'm already in a masters, staying in school longer won't help plus I don't have any money for it

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Why'd you do a masters?

MBA I'm assuming?

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I've been those exact shoes bro. The grind is unbearable when you're nearing the end of undergrad and you've got no job. Meanwhile all the dumb fucks around you are patting themselves on the back for getting dream jobs, and even if it's a 60k audit job at EY, at least they've got something. It sounds like you still have a few months until graduation. You just gotta keep pushing no matter what it takes. You WILL land something eventually as long as you don't give up. Keep optimizing, keep improving, keep trying. Paradoxically the results of your labor always come right after you're ready to give up and you're wondering if it's even worth it to keep pushing. That's a key step in the journey of all monkeys.

I also graduated with no job after school. Ended up networking my way into a bucket shop the summer after graduation where I got some tiny company m&a experience while getting paid next to nothing. Didn't even see my deals close but was able to leverage that experience that to land a job at a respectable mm firm. Ended up clearing well over 150k in my first year at the firm (Covid comp + multiple closed deals for my group).

There's nothing I can say that will change the situation you're in now. There's nothing anybody can say. You have to do what thousands of others in your shoes have done. Keep pushing. All the best stories are the ones that involve hardship, and all of the most interesting people are the ones that have known the depths of failure.

There's a reason Pursuit of Happyness is a movie about a homeless guy that gets a job on Wall Street through sheer persistence and force of will, and not a movie about Brad getting a summer internship handed to him by his dad's friend.

Dimonfan , what's your opinion? Comment below:

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