NYU Stern Langone Part-Time MBA

Currently a 24 yr old going on my 3rd year of work experience. Getting an MBA has always been a goal of mine, so I've been looking into different options. My firm would partially reimbursement the tuition if I decided to do a part-time MBA . Going to Stern would give me that chance to live and work in NYC and get out of San Francisco which has also been a goal of mine. I would apply to Stern probably next year when I'm 25 and have another year of experience under my belt.

I understand that most MBA students are around 27-29 but I figured why wait if I can do it sooner. It's something I want to get anyways, and I want to leave SF asap. I'm sure I could do well on the GMAT if I sign up for a tutoring class, but I also might be able to get it waived (Stern can waive the GMAT if you majored in business in undergrad and at least had a 3.4 gpa. I earned a BA in Economics ; economics is on the list of business majors but since I got a BA maybe they won't waive it? idk).

I'm not worried about the tuition cost since I'll get a good chunk of it covered and can cover the rest myself without piling up student loan debt. Anyone have any insights on their part-time MBA experience, when they did it, how they prepared, and how they made their applications stronger? Thanks.

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redraidermustang , what's your opinion? Comment below:

Not Stern, but I've had a bunch of friends do the part-time MBA at McCombs (UT) and Jones (Rice)....the issue with the part-time MBA is logistically it is a nightmare....there is usually still a very heavy emphasis on group work/projects, which since everyone is working and trying to coordinate schedules it makes it even harder to do that. Looks like you're in IB so would you be able to consistently attend lectures in evenings/weekends + are you able to rely on your cohort mates to do the same thing? The classes themselves aren't that hard (none of MBA is) but to fit it into a packed schedule ups the intensity a ton....

Fast and Fiduciary , what's your opinion? Comment below:

Good point, I figure this is probably the most difficult consideration for doing a part-time mba , cramming in group work on top of my work schedule. My group and my MD have been pretty encouraging though and have said if I wanted to do it, they would support it and let me go to New York or wherever

redraidermustang , what's your opinion? Comment below:

Will just note that being supportive doesn't (usually) equate to putting work product on the backburner....worked for a company that paid who tuition bill but push come to shove, you still *needed* to do your job first...easy to say go do it, but how are they going to respond when you've got a turn of comments due before a management presentation in the morning but you have class from 6-9?

Fast and Fiduciary , what's your opinion? Comment below:

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