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Most other investing services share a "mock" portfolio.  We share a REAL portfolio, with real dollars at stake with a proven track record over the past decade.  Not only are we sending you exclusive trade alerts from our team, but we also share monthly brokerage statements with WSO Alpha members to prove that we are putting our money where our mouth is... stop following "gurus" on social media that are only pushing risky assets.  Risk adjusted returns matter.

Why Settle for a Mock Portfolio? This is REAL.

The WSO Alpha portfolio has been managed by our lead investor since December 2011.  With the guidance from the WSO Alpha team (includes a former HF professional from Citadel and a Senior Equity Research Associate from a top institutional investing service), he will continue to try and build his 401k and let you all come along for the ride....  Since inception, the WSO Alpha Portfolio has turned $465,400 in capital to over $1.4 million.  See below for every monthly statement since December 2011 when the account was created.

Don’t Buy the Hype

We aren't afraid of high growth stocks, NFTs, SPACS, or cryptocurrency, but we also won't overhype and send you astray. We are long term investors.  We only feature analysts and highlight research that are grounded in rigorous fundamental analysis and understand the underlying asset in depth.  While we do utilize technical analysis to help us with entry points, we are not technical traders and tend to hold positions for at least a few weeks (sometimes for years).  This is an aggressive portfolio.  In other words, it's not for everyone.   It is best suited for investors that have a 20+ year time horizon.

10 Year Track Record from a Real Portfolio.

15%+ Average Annual Return
Return vs. Risk (%)
Period: Dec 2, 2011 - October 31, 2022
Risk (%) Return
WSO Alpha Portfolio 16.03 15.14
Aggressive 13.83 9.92
FTSE 3-Month Treasure Bill 0.24 0.63
Moderately Aggressive 11.73 8.75
Moderate 9.03 6.95
Moderately Conservative 6.41 5.07
Conservative 3.73 3.06
Short Term 1.55 0.85
Monthly Brokerage Reports
Sick of fake portfolios? … ACTUAL brokerage statements from a portfolio guided by top investors.

Ho w Much are Good Ideas Worth?

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